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Painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, airbrush, interior design, basically anything creative I can get my hands on I will love and do to the best of my ability <3

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My first giveaway is finally here!! My first giveaway will be a handmade nebula necklace courtesy of glowwormshop! [This is a handmade necklace featuring a silver-plated tray that contains an image of the Fox Fur Nebula behind a clear 25mm (1 inch) glass dome. The nebula image is printed on high-quality photo paper.] It’s absolutely stunning in person!

Rules & Regulations:

On JULY 15th a winner will be randomly chosen using RANDOM.ORG. The winner will be notified via tumblr. If I receive no reply within 48 hours a different winner will be chosen. Once a winner has been chosen that person will have to give me their full name, address, and e-mail. Good luck!

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